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Allow the abundantly experienced Captain Stavros Mathioudakis to introduce you to the most beautiful parts of the island with the Round of Milos boat Captain Yiangos, his traditional wooden hull, which includes a visit to Kimolos. For the past 30 years, we offer our island visitors the opportunity to explore remote and colorful beaches, sea caves, rare geological formations, to swim in uniquely breathtaking waters and to be enchanted by unforgettable one-day excursions.

Round of Milos

Captain Stavros
Captain Stavros will naturally guide you for the entire trip, and the experienced boat crew will be by your side to aid and serve you with whatever you may need for a pleasurable and safe outing. The bar will be open at all times for drinks and snacks. Stops for swimming occur according to the captain's judgment depending on the weather conditions, otherwise, in case of cancellation, your fare will be refunded. Captain Yiangos sets sail daily from the Adamas harbor at 09:00 during the summer months and returns at 18:30.
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Information & Tickets:
On the Captain Yiangos boat (19.00 - 24.00) or at the island's travel agencies.
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Captain Stavros’s mobile:
+30 6944375799
+30 6906057004
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